About Recruitment

 As a member of Sigma Kappa you will develop friendships that will last a lifetime. You'll be part of a sisterhood that will comfort you through heartaches and joy. Sigma Kappa provides opportunities for friendship, leadership, and personal growth. We are committed to helping our members succeed scholastically, socially, and personally.

Our Chapter participates in both informal fall recruitment every September and Formal recruitment in the Spring. If you have any questions, are interested in learning more about the house, meetings some of our sisters, or attending any of our recruitment events, please email us at sk-clb@radford.edu

What is the purpose of joining Sigma Kappa? The purpose of any sorority is to make lifelong friendships and finding a "home away from home" at college. Through philanthropic, social, and community endeavors, the collegiate experience is enriched in many ways sisters never thought possible.

Will I be able to keep up my grades during the new member process? Sigma Kappa has several programs designed to help new members keep their grades high. Older sisters that may have taken similar classes or in the same major regularly help each other to study and tutor in subjects that new members may find difficult. During the new member process, our new girls are required to do study hours during the week to make sure that their grades don't drop. Also, good grades are rewarded each week at our meetings. Sigma Kappa has recently won highest new member GPA for Fall '09, and highest overall GPA Spring '09.

My best friend is going through recruitment with me. Should she and I try to pick the same sorority? The beauty of college includes gaining new friends while maintaining old ones. If you feel that one sorority is the place for you and your best friends wants to go somewhere else where she thinks she'll be happy, then by all means, do it! You will certainly be able to hang out with your high school best friends as much as you want while making new friends in your sorority. Who knows, you might get to know your friend's sisters very well, too!

Spring recruitment can be a very confusing thing. Many girls go through recruitment with little or no idea of what to expect. This portion of our web page was designed to give you, the potential member, an insider's perspective of the nuances of recruitment. Specifically Sigma Kappa's views on sorority recruitment will be addressed.

Does Sigma Kappa participate in any form of hazing? Sigma Kappa Sorority as a whole has adopted a formal policy against hazing of any kind. Delta Psi chapter fully follows and respects this policy. We believe that a person whom we wish to call a "sister" deserves the utmost respect and courtesy we can give her. The new member period is a wonderful opportunity for new members to get to know both each other and the older sisters. In addition, retreats, sisterhood activities and weekly meetings help new members feel at home; hazing would only take away from this wonderful experience.

Once I get into a sorority, is it O.K. to date guys who aren't in a fraternity? Can I still hang out with my friends who aren't Greek? Many girls are concerned that sorority sisters are "stuck up" and an "exclusive" group who want nothing to do with any "outsiders." Here at Sigma Kappa, we believe that one's life can only be enriched by the presence of those who are different from us. Why confine yourself to only a small group of friends? Non-Greek men are certainly welcome at our date nights and banquets; women of other sororities or non-Greek women also feel comfortable hanging out at the sorority house or going out with Sigma Kappa sisters.


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